BTER's 50M NXT Theft: Hacker's Conversation

ID (transaction) Sender Recipient Message Created
10084351617507200000 NXT-5MY6-45DG-U8LC-DSSNE NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 God is watching. Do the right thing because you will have your day of judgement, whether it be in this life or the next. 16/08/2014 7:09
2692132921845500000 NXT-T78M-TKL6-TQQQ-GTSYN NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Canyou please state what your objective is? To bribe for a ransom? Totake bter down? To damage the Nxt network? What is your motive and what do you want? I am serious about this bounty. These are people lives that are being ruined by losing their investments. Please consider the offer and open communication so we can make the Nxt users whole and you can walk away with liquid bitcoins that you can actually spend. 16/08/2014 4:25
4280124200767270000 NXT-9CL4-R9BW-LWCU-4LCN2 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 This theft = 1 stake in 2013 = 400$ Easy Maths 16/08/2014 3:24
11992694855181300000 NXT-T78M-TKL6-TQQQ-GTSYN NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 I am looking to negotiate the return of the stolen 45 million Nxt for a bounty of BTC. We need to discuss the terms of this negotiation. You can read about my initiative to do this on the nxt forum here: here: Please reply back to me. 16/08/2014 0:38
7402784063372620000 NXT-AKCT-VSCJ-C5BC-7YT8S NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Do you lose some NXT? You can have some free MIC!!! MIC!!! 15/08/2014 22:10
4465378413469150000 NXT-8CXC-PJE7-GTVC-2NHEX NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 be a gentleman and send it back :] 15/08/2014 21:55
8090526810159400000 NXT-S6XN-RADW-SS59-7CS4V NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 hello, send me some coins, please) THANKS! 15/08/2014 21:51
7529261628332870000 NXT-YZNZ-B8LP-8FTY-2VEQH NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Why does my heart go on beating Why do these eyes of mine cry Don't they know it's the end of the world It ended when you said goodbye 15/08/2014 17:15
14952151645386700000 NXT-QT7P-HWS6-SABB-G59H8 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Please send the NXT back. Make good on your agreement. You have won. You have proven that Bter sucks at security. Don't take down a community with them. We have been working hard for months to bring NXT up. For some of us, it is our life's work. Please take that into consideration - it's not just about you, but a couple thousand other people. 15/08/2014 16:48
9448799007204040000 NXT-9274-C3TC-MHPN-6QB5U NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 hi. bter paid you all 100btc. Please send back stolen nxt. I agree it is bter's fail. You made great work to show that bter is not better choice. I think you will make right decision. best regards Admin have a nice weekend 15/08/2014 15:49
8130922612444740000 NXT-T2UG-SA9F-TMSA-94RVT NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 return the nxt. not worth it. you can keep the 100btc from bter. 15/08/2014 15:16
15801801503985700000 NXT-UNDA-EHYP-ES2G-D7CRS NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Your plan is not to hold NXT or BTER to Ransom. Your total plan is to force the rollback as you do not lose as you got BTC now. And you know by doing the Rollback NXT will drop so to you it makes no difference. Your not just a simple hacker are you? You target NXT only when you could get any of the other coins at the same time in bter there is most probably more BTC than NXT? I think this is nie master plan to take NXT out of the picture for good in big swoop. I would like the Hacker and BTER to add me on Skype: Something really does not match up in all this. But i see a very easy solution to screw the hacker into the ground and making him 46 million NXT useless. I have suggestion for BTER if they so wish to hear it on solving this matter SKYPE le-grande1 15/08/2014 14:36
7244077889371800000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 We have already done our part. Send the rest NXT back for the community and it will be over. Make life easier for both you and others. 15/08/2014 13:49
10300383179285900000 NXT-QF9S-ABNV-VLJ9-98ZPQ NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Let me present myself. I am a professional investor. I own several million NXT, one of them being on this account. I also own thousands of bitcoins, plus large sums in dollars, stocks, and physical gold. I am announcing here that if for some reason you guys (BTER, the small fish trying to buy the NXT from you, and yourself) screw the deal, then I will have to step up personnally. This can hurt NXT a lot, a make me lose over $1M of NXT investments, but I can assure you that if this happens, I will personnally make sure you end up in jail. And will spend whatever money you end up costing me to track you down for this specific purpose. So, to all: Stop panicking. Let's do thing clear and cut. Do your part of the deal, negociate with BTER. End of story. Thanks for reading. And think. 15/08/2014 13:44
15854506298706000000 NXT-WA6A-L7CR-WSYN-64FZQ NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 I'll be online all day long restless awaiting for you. I'm also setting something up that as soon as you contact me I'll get back to you immediately even if I'm asleep. Please consider my business opportunity. Sell me at least 10m and sell the rest to bter, this way everybody wins for example. Of course you're also free to sell me all 46m which I would find much better. Please get back at me even if you didn't like my deal. I wouldn't like to raise the price due to the huge risk but we can negotiate. Have a wonderful day! 15/08/2014 13:09
7819287802907430000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 All BTC sent. Do as you promised . 15/08/2014 13:05
2477617738393280000 NXT-RJBP-UPKQ-DN3L-2VNXY NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Your small penis is small 15/08/2014 12:53
16127013390623000000 NXT-WA6A-L7CR-WSYN-64FZQ NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 I'll pay 0.000004 btc per nxt. That's double what's BTER is paying. You may sell as much as you want. 1 nxt or all 45m it's up to you. I got the btc ready. You'll be left safe btc and I'll hold risk of forking. Please reply me anyway thank you 15/08/2014 12:50
4221234358521650000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Keep sending and don't wait for confirmation and don't wait for NXT messages, it will be very fast. 15/08/2014 12:43
4053546080551750000 NXT-WA6A-L7CR-WSYN-64FZQ NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 You're selling NXT back to BTER at 0.000002 btc per nxt. I'll buy them for 0.000003 btc per nxt. That's 50% more for holding all the risk of being forked myself while you have safe BTC. I got BTC ready to send instantly. Thank you very much! 15/08/2014 12:41
11682265228096600000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 send us email to to speed this up 15/08/2014 12:31
2332834423101900000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 and don't wait the confirmation when you got the BTC. we also won't wait for confirmation for NXT, it would be very fast 15/08/2014 12:29
16631405936768700000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 the nxt blockchain goes slow now. let's do it 20 by 20, or 30 by 30 15/08/2014 12:27
7779193725481480000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 20 BTC sent, send us the next batch. 15/08/2014 12:25
15947610367915100000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB Deal is off. Good night. 15/08/2014 12:23
8949490421422920000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB So, what taking so long? Send me the next batch already. I'm going to leave soon. It's already 2 hours of negotiation, it took me 1 hour to clean your whole exchanger. BTC 500+ I'm not going to sit here, and wait 2 more hours for you to decide to send the lousy 10 BTC. 15/08/2014 12:17
15887961875712000000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 send the left first and we will send you the left BTC. We are an exchange, we do it publicly and we keep our promise. Otherwise, we can do 20 by 20 to speed it up. 15/08/2014 12:08
9052809311160390000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB This is taking too long. I dont have all night. 15/08/2014 11:59
2931571034929190000 NXT-WTTE-PRGM-DHMP-EZCL3 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Thanks for negotiating. You did the right thing! 15/08/2014 11:57
4341686447288700000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB first batch sent 15/08/2014 11:54
17783801484441500000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB okay. moment. 15/08/2014 11:52
1998773042441760000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 considering all our users and the NXT community, we will cover all the users' loss and we will take your 100 BTC offer. 1+9 BTC has already sent to you. Now send NXT back to NXT-R3V3-2S79-F3ZM-BVXKZ ( 11513376607016028001) 15/08/2014 11:45
2799156761737950000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB No. 100 BTC. Send me 10 BTC, I send you some NXT until we finish our deal. I don't mind waiting for rollback. I'm just sorry that whole NXT community will have to suffer because your lack of competence. 15/08/2014 11:37
4424914572494840000 NXT-QT7P-HWS6-SABB-G59H8 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 There's a lot of talk about a rollback. You're going to lose that NXT in any case. I suggest sending it back to BTER. Who knows - they may pay you for finding the vulnerability, and then you at least get something! 15/08/2014 11:33
15960048393815800000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 1 of 50 BTC sent. Now send the NXT back the the stolen account. 15/08/2014 11:21
5469763283985160000 NXT-ELEB-XT6G-L475-HXRFX NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 The NXT Forgers are going to do a rollback. You can save all of us the hassle and return the stolen NXT. Either way, there'll be nothing for you anyway, or of you for that matter. 15/08/2014 11:16
13326416512401700000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 old passwords are all changed already. we don't mind. you have minutes to decide. 50 BTC or rollback starts 15/08/2014 11:14
5498603138214210000 NXT-WTTE-PRGM-DHMP-EZCL3 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Sir, Thanks for revealing bter’s security flaw. You’ve got my respect. 15/08/2014 11:14
7928851168352920000 NXT-7R67-W7RC-TFC5-5R8ZF NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Congrats ;D If you are cool, you would send me some nxt now^^ 15/08/2014 11:13
18047323490480200000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB 100 btc, than we're talking. otherwise, let it do the rollback. 15/08/2014 11:12
7944053710644710000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB left what? I don't need your lousy 10BTC 15/08/2014 11:11
11975898962099400000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 1 BTC sent. Now it's your turn to return the NXT and we will give the left. 15/08/2014 11:09
4513229515670400000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB good luck ;) 15/08/2014 11:07
17475474505212700000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB lol. than i leak your all md5 passwords. 10btc you kidding me ? 15/08/2014 11:07
6345870878726620000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 send all NXT back to NXT-R3V3-2S79-F3ZM-BVXKZ or the stolen address now. Leave a BTC address for 10BTC. You can go with what you have otherwise, a rollback will happen in minutes and we are going to take all our power and publish a huge bounty to take you down. We promise. 15/08/2014 11:05
10689551760014600000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB btc purse 15/08/2014 10:59
555267154622629000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB 13UZjKkhHWyTmQ4mx28WT5Wj1zw4pEByZw 15/08/2014 10:59
2472576623867760000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB Okay, so I'll send everything back right now, if I get compensated. 15/08/2014 10:58
6979951452037120000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 return all the NXT back to NXT-R3V3-2S79-F3ZM-BVXKZ, otherwise we are going to take all our power and a huge bounty to hunt you down . be smart 15/08/2014 10:58
4006916848931430000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 contact bter for BTC otherwise action will be taken soon 15/08/2014 10:51
13458451237428400000 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 contact us at or we will take actions in a few minutes 15/08/2014 10:45
1766041921302760000 NXT-CSED-4PK5-AR4V-6UB5V NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Nxt community are doing a rollback and then all your Nxt will be gone. If you return the majority of them within the next hour or two, you'll get to keep the rest. 15/08/2014 10:43
14298445274488500000 NXT-F9YV-VFNJ-X534-7J66B NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 Hi, I'm just a observer (Had no deposits on Bter) and wanted to inform you that Forger are going to do a rollback. Could you please send the NXT send back and keep 5M for yourself? This incident will hurt Nxt's image extremely so your NXT won't be worth anything, if you don't send them back. No exchange will accept deposits from your account. So please be smart, send them back and keep 5M for yourself. Prevent with that a rollback and help building Nxt for a new, decentralized future. If you used you abilities to do so instead of hacking, you could help to make THE decentralized crypto in the future. Your NXT's will be worth millions. But if you don't relent it will probably kill Nxt. Please do something good, not evil. Please resuscitate the faith in humanity. kind regards. 15/08/2014 10:36
737607765281301000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-LSC3-VB9T-2W3V-BH7FB We can trade these NXT for some bitcoins to make life easier for you, and me. 15/08/2014 10:15
3825843516859900000 NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 NXT-PGF9-SHUV-NLB2-8SJK3 hi 15/08/2014 6:59